Robogals incursion reflection 2015

On the 10th of December 2015, all the girls from 3-6 went to an incursion called Robogals. Robogals is when us girls look at engineering and do some work around a specific type of engineering. We focused on Mechatronics, mechatronics is a cross between Mechanics and Electronics, so basically we’re programming a small electric car/mini robot.

We had to work in a group of 3 and go to a computer. They gave us a few challenges to try. The first challenge was to go strait for 2 seconds then turn right for 90 degrees and then go backwards for 2 seconds.

In my group there was Holly and Esther, we found this challenge easy to do so they gave us the next challenge which was to make a square. We also thought this was easy to do, so they gave us another challenge which was to make a square and put it in repeat so it goes around and around for how many times you would like it.

When we finished that they gave us another challenge which was to make a star. This took a bit of tries but we eventually got it, and it looked cool. Then after that one of the guys showed us how to do the light sensor and make a square. That challenge was challenging but we managed to achieve it.

Overall this incursion was fun and we learnt a lot about engineering.


Gala Sports, 2015

Two weeks before gala sports, was practice for what sport we were doing. There were 4 sports, there were volley ball, cricket, softball and bat tennis. I was doing volley ball, each morning we would have to set up the nets and at recess and lunch we would practice with the group and go into 2 random groups because we didn’t know our teams yet.

On the first week of practice we did some little drills like hitting it over the net, serving and digging. We also did some warm up drills like some sprints, lunges and jumping. Each day we would slowly teach the year 5’s what its really like being in a game and getting them do have a go so they don’t know what to do in a middle of a real game.

We finally got know our teams and our captains and vice-captains for the two teams. I was the captain of one of the team’s leading on with the vice-captain Farrah. On the other team the captain was Deanne and leading on the vice-captain was Felicity.

On the 6th of March we played our first game at Fairbairn Park. For my team we first versed St Monica’s and we won against them, it was a great first game and we were all nervous especially the year 5’s. Our second game was versing Essendon North White and we won against them. For our last game we didn’t get to play because it got cancelled because they were behind by 2 games.

On the 13th of March (our last day) we got to play our last game for the week before, but sadly we lost but it was like our warm up game. For our first proper game for that week we versed Strathmore and we won against them. For our second game of the day we versed Essendon and we won against them.

When we finished all the matches we all went and sat into a big group and we got the results and our school came 7th place out of 12 schools. Because it was the year 6’s last time doing volleyball, so that meant only the year 6’s did the final and we versed St Vincent Yellow and we won! So we were really happy.

Overall my team won 5 games and lost 1 so we did a pretty good job. But we had a great 2 days doing volleyball and it was fun.




Narrative- The Gift…

My narrative is about a boy named Jack and it is his birthday, so he invites some of his friends over. But Jack doesn’t know that his mum told his friends not to come and come early the next morning for a surprise birthday. So Jack got really upset, but Jack doesn’t know what he gets from Isabelle he might re think what he feels when he gets The Gift…

term 2 unit reflection, 2015 (spencer’s burrowing frog)

Term 2 unit reflections: Spencer’s burrowing frog

In term 2 we started projects about desert animals and their adaptations. We worked in groups of 2 and 3, and had to present our project in a pop up museum with all the other 5/6’s. in my group I had Zoe, Abaan and myself and we did the Spencer’s Burrowing Frog, in our presentation we had to make a model and for our model we made a little frog out of clay and got a bucket and filled it up with dirt and then bent a bit of paper to make a cave and put the frog in there with the cave over it and poured more dirt and put the lid on and then you could look inside and try and find the frog. Here are some things I learnt from my project and the overall thoughts and feelings:


  • The spencer’s burrowing frog dig into the ground because they need water to stay alive but because they live in the desert it is hard to find water so they dig into the ground to find moist areas and build a cocoon on themselves until they hear rain fall and then they go up and repeat the cycle again.
  • That the spencer’s burrowing frogs eyes pop out and puts the bugs in and then they roll their eyes back and it crushes their food for them and then swallows they do this because it helps them eat quicker and they do this when they are in the ground.
  • I found out that the greater bilbies tail camouflages with its surrounding so that they can hide form there predators that want to eat them.


  • I now understand that if the spencer’s burrowing frog didn’t have the abilities to dig underground and absorb the moisture there wouldn’t be a very popular species of that type of frog because they wouldn’t be alive.
  • I now understand that the changes of environments and animals create bigger and better things and different over years.


  • What would have happened if all these desert animals didn’t evolve like they are now? Would they be alive? Or would they have been like they were before?


  • The most important things I learnt were probably to always have patience with your group that you are working with and always give 110% in your work and making sure everybody does something in your project. Another thing I learnt was to be ready at least one week before the due date because if you have anything to finish off that you forgot you will have time.


  • I learnt this by having patience with my group by making sure we all have a job so we don’t all get annoyed if someone keeps on asking for something to do. Also I learnt having it ready one week before the due date because we had to do some finishing off on the due date of when we were showing it in the pop up museum so we had to rush it so we had time before we went down.


  • I am going to remember the skills that I have learnt and what and what not do to do for another project in the future.


Overall I have learnt a lot about my topic (spencer’s burrowing frog) and a lot about

project pic spencer's burrowing frog project pic

What I learnt about 3D shapes

In half of term 3 we learnt about 3D shapes and terminology, techniques about 3D shapes.

Some techniques that I learnt were how to draw a 3D shape. Some things I did to learn how do draw 3D shapes was in some lessons we used our hot-maths activity books and we also used isometric paper. With isometric paper you have to join the lines with the dots to make it 3D.

Some terminology we learnt on 3D shapes were apex,vertices, face, edge, vertex, polyhedron, prisms, base and pyramid. we found out the meaning for these by going onto a website and reading about all of these and getting the meaning for them.

After we finished the meanings and definitions we went to our application and did frameworks on 3D shapes with a partner and work on it together.

Buddies Picnic- Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

On the 9th of December 2015, the 5/6’s went to the Botanical Gardens Victoria with their buddies in prep. This day was about communicating with our buddies and summing up the year we spent with them.

When we got to the Botanical Gardens we went to the first destination, “The Lake”. At the lake we all sat down on the grass and started talking to our buddies about what you see, what you hear, what you feel and what you smell. Then we had to see how many Black Swans, Black Ducks, Eurasian Coots, Dusky Moorhens and how many Eels we could find. When we finished looking around we sat and ate our recess and enjoyed the view of all the animals.

The next destination we went to was at the “Herb Garden”. At the herb garden we wondered around and we talked with our buddies about what we see, what we hear, what we feel and what we smell. Then we had to walk around with our buddies trying to find herbs that we smell and then we draw that herb and write some adjectives about.

Our last destination was at the “Fern Gully”. The fern gully was a rain forest that we walked through and we asked what they see, what they hear, what they feel and what they smell. Whilst we were walking through the fern gully it started to rain so it made us feel like we were actually in a rain forest.

After we finished at the fern gully we met everyone at the large mass of grass and sat down and ate lunch and spoke to our buddies about what we enjoyed the most. When everyone finished eating lunch we all played a massive game of duck duck goose! After we played a few rounds of duck duck goose we then played toilet tiggy and had fun running around. After we finished playing toilet tiggy we went and headed but onto the bus and went back to school.

100WC- how could something so tiny… #10

I just don’t get this world anymore. Our world has some serious issues, that no one can ever fix. It’s just those little things that are impossible or those things that someone you thought would never do such a thing, did it an you could possibly never forgive them. Well how could something so tiny bite someones figure off like that is something you can never take away. Somethings change in life and somethings don’t, so don’t make the wrong mistake, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

100WC- Red… #9

Wow that was so embarrassing I can’t believe that, that just happened it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me in the world! It happened right there in front of the whole school! In front of 4000 people! All I know that happened was that I was singing and I failed and all my friends just said your face went as RED as a tomato. Seriously how is that possible to be that red? Well at least I know now not to stand up in front of the whole school again, I just can’t wait until  school tomorrow…

100wc- skeleton body picture, 2015

There was once 5 girls who ruled the school hallways they always made people move out of their way and they always go first for everything. On the night of Halloween the 5 girls went to a Halloween party and they all had the best costumes by far.  The 5 girls walked into the forest and saw a skeleton half dug up in the floor they scream and run when they got back to the party everyone was gone. They got so scared that they didn’t know what to do, then they heard something come from the bush… The girls scream because the skeleton  they saw was there…